9 Different Types of Shower Heads For Your Bathroom

As there are many types of shower heads available in the market in the present era, so it is difficult for a new one to select which shower is good or not. Due to this problem “Family Pez” come into being and have the primary purpose of making your shower head shopping easy.

We have a highly educated team that have done a lot of research and give you all the details about shower head types.

It may also happen with you that you are looking for a shower head and found it very much trying to select from a variety of showerheads. After all its not just the case of design or finish, functions also play an essential role in making an ordinary shower head best in the market.

If you think that all shower heads are the same and what is the difference between shower heads and you are unable to differentiate shower heads that you are at right place. We have written about all the favorite type of shower heads whether it is rain shower head, handheld or dual shower head or shower head used in your RV.

Your choice does not have to expensive. Also, shower heads are rarely the most common things that you will have in your washroom. Doing research will make it easy for you to select the best shower head for you.

So, before making a decision first take a look at all the types which type you need and what features it has because some shower heads may lack a feature that you are searching.

No matter what kind of shower heads you are looking for we have made a table of contents which will make your selection more comfortable and faster.

 9 Types of Shower heads List

  • Rain Shower head
  • Handheld shower head
  • RV shower heads
  • High-Pressure Shower Heads
  • LED Shower Heads
  • Dual Shower Heads
  • Low-Pressure Shower Heads
  • Shower Panels
  • Filtered Shower Heads

Rain Shower Head

Rain Shower head

Rain shower heads are luxurious and well known for their function of giving rain like experience. It comes with multiple settings so that you can use the exact configuration and take benefit of this amazing shower head according to your choice.

These shower heads are usually more massive than the regular shower head so that they can give rain like experience during bath and can produce a full rainfall spray. You can choose your design from many designs available in the market from classic to the modern look. You can also find heads of different sizes depends on your choice and budget.

Jumbo shower heads are best to get a complete rain like experience during bathing but you also have to check the space of your bathroom weather this shower head can fit in your bathroom or not.

There are several best manufactures of Rain shower heads with good quality easy installation and warranty options.

Handheld Shower head

Handheld shower head

If you want flexibility in your shower room, then you should have to buy a handheld shower head. These shower heads have a handle which will ease the process of showering for you and help you take a shower more precisely.

If you have pets or kids in your home, then this shower head will be very helpful in giving a shower to them as you can hold rain in your hand and can provide shower to them and can wash their hard to reach areas. The dual shower head also comes with handheld showerheads.

Some handheld shower heads can also hang with the wall by using a fixed holder, but people prefer to have rail mounted shower head so that you can move it up and down and adjust the height according to your choice. Again this feature also makes the handheld shower head best for kids.

Moreover, these shower heads are easy to install and many repetitive companies and selling it in the market along with a manual of how to install a shower head. You can also install this shower head without hiring a plumber.

RV Shower Heads

RV Shower Heads

The RV shower heads are one of the best shower head not for you RV but your home too. Its primary purpose is saving water by giving high water pressure. This shower head will also do not get clogged.

This shower head is of fair price so it will save some of your money so that you can buy other things too. The pre-installed shower head is not good enough and will get clogged after some time, so it is good to invest in an RV shower head.

It also has less GPM (Gallon Per Minute) which means that it can reduce the amount of water usage along with high water pressure; thus it will reduce the water bills.

In short, this is the best shower head for you RV as there is a limited supply of water in your RV and it will consume less water. Also, this is designed in such a way that it prevents clogging and buildup of mineral in it.

High-Pressure Shower heads

High-Pressure Shower Heads

Most people take a shower at least two times a day. The most favorite bathing times are in the morning and the evening. In the morning people used to make a shower to become fresh and went to their work, and in the evening they took a shower for relaxation purposes.

For relaxation purpose, you need to have a high-pressure shower head which has some spray settings and ejects water with high water pressure. For this reason, you need to have a powerful shower head.

There are many models of this shower head available in the market. It is also important to look for the main things such as finish, design, durability, settings, and pressure before buying a shower head.

LED Shower Heads:

LED Shower Heads

If you want to make your shower head more attractive and impressive, then you should buy one LED shower heads. These shower heads are readily available in the market with a variety of designs and colors.

LED shower heads emit low lights while showering so that your showering experience cooler. This type of shower heads do not need any special care or assistance they can last longer without any problem if they are forming a good brand.

When buying a LED shower head, you have to look for one that will give spa-like experience with its variety of spray settings like massage and rainfall settings so that you can take luxurious spa likes to shower in your own home.

This shower head changes their color red, blue and green with the temperature of water hot, cold and average. It is the preferred option for families with kids as they can take a shower because of the LED without creating any disturbance.

Dual Shower Heads

Dual Shower Heads

One of the toughest decision while buying a shower head is to choose is whether to purchase Rain Shower head or handheld shower head as they both are on top of the list. But who says that you have to select one of them.

There is a solution to this problem that is dual shower heads. Yes, dual shower heads have both features that are it will give you rain like experience with its multiple settings as well as it comes with handheld shower head which can wash hard to reach areas and is very good for giving a shower to kids and pets.

This shower head is a golden package having two in one features. This unit will give independent flow from each shower head mean that you will get the average flow of 2.5GPM. This shower head has enough water pressure and is very good for couples who want to take a shower with their partner their beloved ones.

However, keep your bathroom space in your mind while buying a dual shower head because there has to be enough space in your bathroom so that dual shower head can easily get installed in it. The installation of dual shower head is also easy, and it also comes along with the manual.

Low-Pressure Shower Heads

Low-Pressure Shower Heads

As its name suggests, the low-pressure shower heads have made for low water pressure. It means that it can work in low water pressure efficiently. Its making is in a manner that it can maximize the weight of water and will give you spa-like experience.

It comes with the number of settings such as massage, rainfall, and many others. In low pressure, it works very well and gives a complete shower. Due to modern technology and its ability to increase the water pressure this shower head is a little bit costly.

Your bathroom must be new and have all the accessories new than invest in this shower head. If you are living in an area or if the water pressure in your water tank is very low then this shower head will be the best option for you. Because in low water pressure it will give spa-like experience.

Filtered Shower heads

Filtered Shower Heads

If you live in an area where water is not clean that much then you can choose a filtered shower head. It will give you a cleaning shower experience. These type of shower heads will provide you with a more practical option, but they do not come with luxurious designs like other shower heads.

By using a filtered shower head, the filter will filter the unpleasant odors and also remove sulfurs from a water supply. If you have ever noticed the dirty smell coming along with your water during a shower, then you might consider buying this shower head.

Also, the water coming from the main pipeline will be filtered through the filter present in this shower head which helps in removing the minerals and calcium present in water which helps in reducing the clogging in the shower head.

Remember a filtered shower head uses a filter, and if you want to keep the filtration process work properly, then you have to clean the screen periodically and may have to replace.

Shower Panels

Shower Panels

These are the same as spray showers and can work as handheld shower heads. With this you will get a massage shower experience and also your bathroom will also look luxurious.

These shower heads will provide enough water for your shower that you can rinse thoroughly and will clean your body well. Moreover, these shower heads are less likely to clog due to their nine counterparts.


These are different types of shower heads. Now if you are interested in any shower head merely click on that type of shower head. Read the reviews of that particular shower head and grab one.

Our team is here to help you and in making your decision very easy by giving comparisons and pros and cons of that clear shower head.

We appreciate your trust in us as we are a team of highly educated people. The team has done a lot of research and then found the best types of shower heads for you people so that you can differentiate each of shower head by types.

Now it’s time to look for shower head according to your need and grab it.