The Shrunks Portable Travel Toddler Bed Review

Shrunks Portable Travel Toddler Bed

The Shrunks portable travel toddler bed is designed specifically for families who travel a lot and want to provide the most ideal comfortable bed for their preschoolers or toddlers. This bed can be used for family gatherings, during camping, or on vacations. The Shrunks Portable Travel Toddler Bed is perfect for children who have grown past their cots or cribs but are not really ready to sleep on their own bed. Let’s look at the features of this indoor travel bed to see whether it’s right for your kid.

Features of The Shrunks Portable Travel Toddler Bed

One notable feature of this type of bed is its ease of use. The bed is designed with an electric pump that can help you inflate it to its normal size before use. You can also deflate the bed with the electric pump whenever you feel the need to store it for later use.

The Shrunks travel bed is quite portable. It has a compact size that allows you to easily fold or carry it to any destination. The bed weighs only 7.7 pounds when it is deflated. It comes with a drawstring bag that can be used to keep the deflated bag, which makes it easy to be transported.

Another quality you will love in this bed is its safety feature. The Shrunks portable travel toddler bed is not very high and easily lies on the ground. So, even though your kid rolls of the bed no harm will be done to him/her. There are also some ridges on the sides of the bed to keep your child secured on the bed without falling off. Additionally, the Shrunks portable travel bed is free of phthalates, BPA, lead, and other harmful chemicals.


  • The travel bed provides good comfort. It doesn’t make some annoying squeaky sounds noticeable in other travel beds.
  • The sheet stuck feature of the bag enables you to easily tuck sheets on the bed for more comfort.
  • The bed is suitable for any standard cot size bed sheets and it’s quite difficult for sheets to pull out from the bed. This makes sure your kid stays comfortable and warm throughout the night.


  • The drawing bag is designed to accommodate only the bed but has no room for the pump. This requires you to carry the pump separately.
  • Another flaw of this bed is the need to constantly inflate the bed, which takes off your strength and time.


The Shrunks Portable travel toddler bed has maintained raving reviews and high customer ratings from Amazon. The quality of the travel bag is highly appreciated by users who have actually used the product. It’s quite comfortable, provides safety features, and does not cost a fortune. Although there have been some complaints about the drawing bag and the fact that the bed is not inflated, the overall features and benefits outweigh its downsides. It is, therefore, highly recommended for moms seeking for the ideal indoor travel bed that will keep their kids safe and comfortable at all times.

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