Intex Kids Travel Bed Review 2020

Intex Kids Travel Bed

Intex kids travel bed: Traveling with your kid can be very tricky when you have to worry about where they will sleep. Your child’s safety and comfort are, of course, the main consideration. No matter where you go, you may not probably Intex Kids Travel Bed going to look a suitable bed for kids. But with the, this shouldn’t be a problem. It is specifically designed to provide a really comfortable place for your kid to sleep when you both are out of the home. Below are some features of the product that makes it stand out among other types of travel beds for kids.

Features of Intex Kids Travel Bed

The Intex Kids travel bed is an inflatable bed that fits perfectly into a frame. The bed can easily be separated from the frame, which makes it possible to use standard crib sheets on the bed. When both the frame and the bed are used together, the frame encloses the bed. This is ideal for children who stand the risk of falling out of the bed when playing or turning during sleep.

The bed is designed with a soft material that makes sleeping on the bed more soothing than you can imagine. The Intex Kids travel bed can be easily inflated or deflated with the help of the hand pump that comes with it.


  • It’s quite affordable compared to other types of travel beds for kids.
  • Designed with high-quality material that guarantees utmost comfort
  • It’s easily inflatable


  • There is no warranty on the product
  • It takes too much time to pump to its full level


When it comes to providing comfort for your child, you shouldn’t settle for a less quality travel bed. There are different types of travel beds out there and it is important to select the most ideal one for the overall safety and comfort of your child. The Intex Kids has been in the industry for many years now, providing the comfortable feeling your child needs to be happy and stay healthy.

The overall comfort of your child is something you should take very seriously. When choosing the ideal toddler travel bed for your child, comfort is the most important criteria, and fortunately, Intex Kidz scores very high in that regard.

If you are looking for a portable travel toddler bed, the Intex Kids Travel bed is surely one of the best in the market. It is designed with the finest material that is suitable for babies and toddlers. It is therefore highly recommended.

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