The Ultimate Guide to iBobber Fish Finder

Looking for the best fish finder in this competitive market? Yes, you are at the right place for this depth finder review which is the most advanced model of iBobber for finding fish. It’s the perfect choice for customers because it the best fish finder at the best price.

The iBobber fish finder is considered as the best fish finders for kayaks as the device comes with the smart technology allowing you to sync via Bluetooth. It offers the best fishing sonar. It allows you to mark the spot, and the photos of the fish will be shown in the built-in LED which also helps when you’ve to strike and also gives an alarm. It allows fishing at night, or even when icy and crapping with accurate GPS locations.

Whenever you are fishing that doesn’t matter, it will always give you the perfect accuracy of depth and which fish you want to catch. The brightness adjustability and other specification will be the buyers’ best choice for its mobility. It’s the coolest mobile phone technology device ever and the best fish finder under 300.

Whom is This Product Designed For?

  • For the fishing industry, it is very useful.
  • If you prefer shore fishing, you can also use this small device.
  • For those who want to roam around the water and want to catch fish, it is very useful.
  • People wishing to catch fish at night time and even in the icy area.

Important Features for iBobber Fish Finder

Unique Identifier Technology

iBobber Smart fishfinder comes with the advanced sonar fish finder technology with is patented by the manufacturer.


This device gives you accurate sonar readings having a 135-foot depth measuring capacity.

Best Signaling Quality

The built-in LED beacon allows accurate reading of the bottom regions, depths and fish structures. You will find fish striking alarms here. Fish icons are color-coded according to size, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Syncing Facility

It syncs with the iOS and Android operating system via Bluetooth with a range of 100′. It is also compatible with Google watch and iWatch.

GPS Location

It has a GPS feature that helps you for dock and pier fishing. If you are roaming by boat, the GPS enables a counter-mapping by waterbed.


It is a small device having a dimension of 3 x 3 x 3 inches and it just weighs 1.6 ounces which is very much easy to carry for everyone.

Long-Lasting Battery

Rechargeable battery and charge status indicator light adds extra interest to the customers. It gives a battery backup of more than 10 hours which is more than ordinary.

The Trip Log Option

When you sync the device with your Smartphone, you’ll find a trip log option where you can gather the necessary information.

Workable in Every Type of Water

It works both in saltwater and freshwater.

Sharing Features

It allows you to share your trip log in your social media.

Night and Icy Fishing Facility

This is the unique option of this technology. You can fish at night time or even when the place is cold or crap.

Apps Offer

You need not pay to download the apps from the store. It’s free.

Feature Benefits From The Best Way To iBobber fish finder

  • It has the best design to carry wherever you want while inshore fishing and is considered as the best fish finders for kayaks,
  • Its wide range of Bluetooth connectivity with the Smartphone helps you to fish keeping your device away while you’re fishing by boat. It is ideal for kayak or canoe fishing.
  • The high signal capability of the device and GPS location helps you to give the accurate depth, exact place of its fishing zone. Referring to a contouring map.
  • The high contrast of lighting of the LED beacon increases visibility in bright outdoor light. It also helps when you are fishing at night time.
  • The battery allows you are fishing for a long time.
  • The sonar technology of the device is adequate for locating fish. Also the structures of ponds, lakes, rivers and set a contouring depth map which is done by the apps(free on the store) waterbed.
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Wide Bluetooth range.
  • Can be connected with iOS and Android phones. Also with iWatch and Google Watch.
  • Free apps available on the store.
  • Unique sonar technology allows you to detect fish of every size with a color code that scans at a 120-degree angle.
  • Trip Log option on the apps allows you to gather information about the number of fish you’ve caught.
  • LED displays give a string alarm.
  • iBobber has a long-lasting rechargeable battery with an indicator light.
  • Smallmouth and largemouth fishes are great to find with this device.
  • Bluetooth connection problems might sometimes occur due to the situation.
  • Sometimes the depth of the fish may not be detected clearly if you keep the device far away.
  • The app might cause a slight problem with your mobile phone battery. But if you use it correctly nothing will occur.

Insider Tips

As you are using iBobber fish finder device nearby water so because it is the best fish finder under 300, you can buy a case or cover in addition to it. It will keep the device safe. If you like to make your Bluetooth signal a little bit high, you can use Bluetooth Enhancer to increase the range of your connectivity.

The Conclusion

iBobber Wireless Bluetooth smart fish finder is the best fish finder for kayaks consisting of a lovely portable device. This depth finder reviews tell that it has a beautiful design and efficient workability. The patented sonar fish finder is an amazing technology that you’ve never tested earlier. With its Bluetooth connectivity, it is worth to buy. Finally, Ready to get the real test of a fisherman? Here’s the link from where you can buy this fantastic product at a reasonable price.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it user-friendly?

Yes, it is so simple to use. First, you have to set the device up. In the manual guide book, there are full set up instructions. Then you have to go to the app store and download the relevant app. It’s free and easy to use. Hope she will enjoy fishing.

Does iBobber give any warranty?

Yes, a 1-year limited time warranty. But if the hardware is damaged somehow by the user then the user had to spend money removing it.

I want fishing in the icy area. Does it allow?

Of course, it allows. Not only in the icy area but also the saltwater and freshwater the device works superbly.