How to Clean Fabric Shoes Safely Step-By-Step Guideline

Do you know how to clean fabric shoes? Whenever you search for methods to clean fabric shoes, many experts suggest using a washing machine. However, you can’t use the machine for cleaning fabric shoes because this will destroy the glue very easily. Therefore, this is important to take an efficient way to clean it that will not reduce the quality of the shoes.

So, today we will give you the best way to clean the shoes safely and properly so that you can keep the shoes safe. Don’t worry because the way is very simple and easy to apply. You will need certain things to clean it efficiently.

How to Clean Fabric Shoes

Things that you need:

  • Half Bowl of Warm Water
  • A Soft Toothbrush
  • Gentle Detergent
  • Paper Towels

Now follow the bellowed step-by-step process to clean the fabric shoes safely:


First of all, take the bowl and fill warm water in the bowl. Make sure that you are using warm water because cold water is not good for cleaning any type of shoes.


Take the soft brush and apply detergent directly to the toothbrush. You can also mix the detergent with the warm water. But, this will not as effective as taking detergent in the toothbrush. In addition, mixing detergent to the water will require much detergent too!


Now you will need to shake the toothbrush properly before using it to clean the shoes. You should try to keep the toothbrush as dry as possible to clean safely. Most of the time, people forget to shake the brush properly. As a result, the glue of the shoes damages after drying the shoes.


When you think the toothbrush is properly dried after shaking, then, you can start scrubbing the brush. You should start scrubbing from the soiled area of the shoes. This will help you to clean it quickly and efficiently. This is important to follow the grainline of the shoes.


Always scrub the heavily soiled surface of the shoe. Then, you will need to scrub the entire surface of the shoe. Don’t forget to dip the toothbrush in regular intervals. Otherwise, scrubbing will not give you any result. You have to shake the toothbrush every time after dimming into the water.


Does the water become too much dirty? Then, change the water and refill the bowl with warm water again.


After scrubbing the entire shoe, this is important to scrub again. This time, you will not use any detergent in the water. As a result, this will help to detergent effect on the fabric.


Most of the women notice that the shoes lose its shape after cleaning them. This is the main reason for avoiding cleaning the fabric shoes.

Therefore, you will need to use paper towels to suck the extra moisture from the fabric. Then, you can put some paper towels inside the shoes and keep them in open sun or air place for drying.

See! This is too easy to clean a fabric pair of shoes safely. You will not lose the shape of the shoes as well as it will protect it.

Why Is Machine Wash Not Appropriate?

How to Clean Fabric Shoes

There are several reasons for not using the washing machine for cleaning the fabric shoes. The reasons are-

  1. The shoes lose its shape very badly
  2. It damages the glue that joins insole and the fabric
  3. It is not as effective as other shoes


By the time, you may not have any more questions about cleaning the fabric shoes. This is quite easy but you need to be careful.

Otherwise, your shoes insole can be separated very easily. Always follow our guidelines about how to clean fabric shoes and leave any questions if you have in the comment box!