Why Fish Finder Screen Size is Important?

If you are planning to buy a quality fish finder within a budget, you might be taking a lot of things to consideration. Price, product quality, screen size, screen resolution, GPS, portability, durability and much more. But as per our concern, to most of the users, the fish finder screen size in the most important factor. Because both of the resolution and prices depends on fish finder screen size variation of banded fish finders.

So we have decided to categorize best fish finders of popular brands according to their screen size so that you can quickly pick your best choice of fish finder from the list.

How to Determine the Screen Size and Screen Resolution?

The screens of most of the fish finders are rectangular. Thus to the best fish finder screen size of those devices is measured diagonally. What it means is, the screen size dimensions(4 inches, 5 inches, etc.) are nothing but the length of the diagonals of two corners of the display screen.

On the other hand, the resolution is another factor that affects your fishing success a lot. Resolution is something that determines how tiny object the display can show you. As you know, the screen is nothing but the combination of horizontal and vertical series of dots that represents any of the colors (red, green, blue) or B&W at a time.

So, if a display says to be of a resolution of 600 X 600, it means that it has 600 dots in each line both vertically and horizontally. So, the higher large screen fish finder resolution, better the results.

We have decided to divide the fish finders according to three different screen sizes-

Fish Finder  Screen Size- Less than 4 Inches

These type of fishfinders are smallest of all three groups. With a screen size of fewer than 4 inches, fish finders can be carried out so easily in a tiny box. Also, they can provide flexibility and absorb less power as the consumption of power mainly depends on display size and GPS feature.

Fish Finder Screen Size- 4-5 Inches

Fishfinders that contain a display diagonal of 4-5 inches are perfect for a medium level of usage and decent power consumption. Compared to fishfinders of less than 4 inches screen, you can get better accuracy with the display as the resolution pixels of these devices will be higher.

Fish Finder Screen Size- More than 5 Inches

In this group, you can see  large fish finder screen of the best quality from all brands. If you need the most level of accuracy with your fishfinder display, we would recommend going for these models. A clean and clear display of 5 inches and more will provide you a higher resolution of fish locations.

Also provide some additional data along with the mapping that would help you to find what exactly you are looking for. It will cost you a bit more than the other two types of models. But certainly, you will be served with the best quality.