Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women (Review 2021)

Did you know that your feet will absorb up to one and a half times your weight when walking? Yes, it is a fact with scientific backing, and it is why overweight people tend to have difficulties walking and aching feet afterward. But, walking comes with numerous health benefits for obese women, and it is one of the most effective ways of shedding off the extra pounds and keeping the heart-healthy.

You can still walk as much as you want even with the extra weight as you only need to choose the best walking shoes for overweight women. And for this to be so, there are some important things that you should always keep in mind when shopping for your walking footwear.

Top 5 Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

1. New Balance Women’s WW577 Walking Shoe

New Balance Women's WW577 Walking Shoe

The WW577 is a women’s walking shoe by New Balance that will make it comfortable for a lady to walk for as long as she would like. It features a leather upper with some perforations to enhance breathability and some detailed stitching to intensify the aesthetic appeal of the footwear.

This classic walking shoe also features a padded collar and tongue for some extra comfort and ABZORB cushioning for maximum absorption of shock. The textile lining is also an excellent addition to the shoe, and it combines with the polyurethane cushioning midsole to ensure that you do not get tired feet after your walks.

New Balance WW577 is available in all sizes for ladies and also in wide, medium, and narrow widths, and you can choose between black and white when it comes to the color.​

  • The leather upper and rubber sole makes it very durable.
  • It has ABZORB cushioning for maximum shock absorption.
  • This shoe is available in all sizes and widths for ladies.
  • The padding on the collar and tongue makes it more comfortable.
  • It is a lightweight shoe which makes it perfect for walking.
  • The detailed stitching and perforations give it an impressive overall appearance.
  • It provides excellent shock-absorption.
  • The fit is just perfect, and so it will not need any break-in
  • It does not look very feminine.
  • Some ladies complain that it is not breathable enough.

2. ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

ASICS is famous for making athletic shoes, and the GEL-Venture 5 is one of their best-selling brands. It comes in more than a dozen feminine color combinations, and so ladies can always be sure of finding something with their favorite shades.

The upper section is a durable synthetic material with mesh for maximum breathability, and the outsole is a rugged rubber that makes the shoe ideal for use on all surfaces.

This shoe has a GEL Cushioning System which is what makes it very comfortable for running and one of the Best walking shoes for overweight women. Also, the shoe has a removable sock liner which makes it possible for it to accommodate orthotics.

  • Mesh on the upper section helps to keep the feet dry by enhancing breathability.
  • The Gel Cushioning System enhances shock absorption and comfort.
  • It has a foam sock liner that is removable for the shoe to accommodate orthotics.
  • Loop at the back makes them easy to wear as you can slip them on with minimum unlacing.
  • The overall cushioning and arch support is perfect for ladies with foot problems.
  • Venture 5 has a sleek and neat look that makes it ideal for casual wear and not just for running.
  • The upper section is synthetic which is not as durable as full-grain leather.
  • These shoes are a little heavier than what most ladies expect.
  • They are sturdy running shoes but not very flexible.

3. Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker

The D’Lites Sneaker from Skechers combines comfort with a classic look to ensure that ladies get something stylish that they can wear for the weekend and when running or walking. It features a leather upper section with mesh panels, and so you can be confident of a breathable and very durable sneaker.

The design also includes detailed stitching in the top section with some overlay accents and some lightweight midsoles for shock absorption. With the Skechers D’Lites, you also get a padded tongue and collar, soft fabric lining, and a light and very flexible traction outsole. Also, the outsole has a one and a quarter inch heel.

  • You can choose from dozens of colors.
  • This sneaker has excellent cushioning.
  • It is a comfortable and very durable shoe.
  • The arch support is perfect which makes it ideal for ladies with plantar fasciitis and other foot problems.
  • Skechers Sport D’Lites has some mesh fabric panels with contrast coloring for a cooling effect.
  • The design and cushioning will help with pronation control.
  • Their lace-up sporty design makes them ideal for both walking and running.
  • They have a small fit, and so you might need to go for half a size larger than what you wear.
  • The one and a quarter inch heel might be too high for some ladies.
  • A few women complain that they are not very comfortable for wearing all day.

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 Women’s Walking Shoes

Women's Walking Shoes

The Adrenaline GTS 16 offers stability and excellent support for ladies that like running and walking for extended distances. It is a beautiful shoe that comes in some bright color combinations, and it takes inspiration from the footwear that runners wear in marathons across the world.

The no-sew upper section provides a sock-like fit that is very comfortable, and it also has a moisture management mesh on the top section that will keep the feet dry and fresh when running. This running shoe has Deeper V-Groove (on the outsole) that improves the transition and enhances the cushioning.

The DNA midsole on this shoe is also an outstanding feature as it adapts to every stride dynamically.

  • The low-arch makes it perfect for runners with a flat foot.
  • GTS 16 has a nice cushioning that makes them ideal for long runs.
  • These shoes offer excellent stability for both walking and running.
  • The rubber outsole provides excellent grip and traction.
  • It has quality material on the uppers and outsole that make it very durable.
  • Mesh and synthetic material on the top combine to protect the feet from the elements.
  • Ladies get to pick from some attractive color combinations.
  • It is still an affordable shoe despite the quality and impressive appearance.
  • The removable insole provides excellent underfoot cushioning and also makes it possible to use orthotics.
  • It is a lightweight shoe with a midsole drop of 12mm.
  • They are quite weighty running shoes.
  • The toe-box is too shallow for some ladies.
  • There is a hot spot under the tongue.

5. ASICS Women’s Gel-Quickwalk 3 Walking Shoe

Women's Gel-Quickwalk 3 Walking Shoe

The GEL-Quickwalk 3 by ASICS is a beautiful walking shoe that will make every woman enjoy walking. It has a combination of mesh and synthetic leather on the upper section that makes it very breathable and comfortable.

This fabulous footwear has a lace-up closure and plush collar and tongue that add to the comfort.

Quick walk 3 features a fabric lining that is very breathable and helps to create an exceptional in-shoe feel. It also has a molded foam insole that provides excellent cushioning to make it the best shoes for standing all day. The Gel Cushioning System absorbs shock during impact and offers a smooth transition and the shoe also has a long-lasting AHAR rubber outsole.

  • Synthetic leather and mesh upper section makes it very breathable and comfortable.
  • Gel Cushioning System enhances shock absorption during impact and also ensures a smooth transition.
  • Placement of AHAR in critical areas of the outsole minimizes wear to increase the durability of the shoe.
  • This walking sneaker is light enough for long-distance walking or running.
  • The overall design and the detailed stitching on the upper section give it an appealing appearance.
  • It has enough arch support for ladies with foot problems.
  • The striking appearance means that it can also be perfect for casual or weekend wear.
  • There are some complaints that it runs almost half a size small and it is also quite narrow.
  • The synthetic fabric that makes the upper section is not very durable.
  • It is not available in as many colors as most ladies would want.
  • The faux leather tends to create a lot on the toe area.

How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes ​for Overweight Women

running women shoes

Ladies have varying tastes when it comes to shoes, and in most instances, they will always go for something stylish or a pair that is in trend. Although your choice of footwear is about your tastes or preferences, there are some extra things that ladies have to consider if they are overweight to ensure maximum comfort and they include the following six.

1. Cushioning

Cushioning is always an important factor to consider when shopping for shoes, but it is even more important for overweight women. If you are overweight, you should always go for shoes with a lot of cushioning because this ensures that the footwear can absorb most of the pressure and shock that comes from walking.

Insoles are what will provide the cushioning, and so you should make sure that the footwear has the best ones. The absorption of pressure helps to avoid common foot problems and to ensure that you can walk for long distances without developing pain in your feet. It is also important to know that the ideal cushioning will depend on your weight because ladies that are severely overweight should go for stability shoes.​

2. Arch Support

Being overweight increases the probability of developing common foot problems like plantar fasciitis tremendously. It is because of this fact that ladies with excess weight should always go for shoes that offer them enough arch support to prevent these issues. However, the right arch support for you will also depend on other things such as the shape of your feet. For example, ladies with flat feet and severe over pronation should go for motion control shoes as they offer sufficient support for their arches and help to correct the pronation.

3. Breathability

The best walking shoes for overweight women are those that ensure maximum breathability. Being overweight means that you will also tend to sweat a lot and there is nothing that can be more annoying than sweaty feet after a short walk. To avoid sweaty feet and the bad odor that comes with this you should make sure that the walking footwear that you buy has a breathable upper material such as mesh or any other that allows circulation of air.

4. Excellent Outsole

Even if you get all the other things right, the footwear will not work well for you if it does not have the right outsole. The extra weight means that your feet need something to absorb the pressure and so a rubber outsole is your best bet but also makes sure that it is thick enough.

Also, go for something with excellent traction and slip-resistance to ensure that you can maintain your balance at all times when you are standing or walking. Slip-resistance is a vital factor because the extra weight makes you more prone to falling.

5. Lightweight Shoes Are the Best

Shoes that are heavy on your feet will only add to your problems and can make your feet ache after your walks. To make walking comfortable and enjoyable, you should always go for light footwear but also make sure that it has some good and durable materials and sufficient cushioning and support. A good way to ensure that the shoe is light enough for you is to wear it and walk around the retail store for a few steps before you buy.

6. Shop at the Right Time If the Day

Finding the correct walking shoes will also depend on when you go shopping. It is important to know that your feet tend to be larger in the afternoon than in the morning because they expand after carrying your weight all day. In fact, sometimes the sizes can differ by up to half a size, and so you should always buy your walking shoes late in the afternoon or evening.


Finding the Best walking shoes for overweight women should never be a problem if you know what to look for when making your selection. Considering the six things above will make your decision easy. But you should also remember to go for something broad enough to accommodate your wider feet and also with a good lacing to make sure that you always get a custom and comfortable fit.