10 Best Toddler Travel Bed In 2021

Whether you are traveling for vacation or just want to take your kid to see grandma during holidays, you need to consider taking the best toddler travel bed with you. It will serve a very good use and give your little one the most comfortable place to sleep.

The toddler travel beds reviewed above are the best out there based on their features, durability, ease of use, and customer ratings. They are, therefore, highly recommended for traveling families who want to provide the most comfortable sleeping place for their children. Click toddler car seat for find out best toddler car seat for your baby.

What Is A Toddler Travel Bed?

A toddler travel bed is a convenient mattress that can provide a comfortable sleeping place for young children who are traveling with their parents for camping or for holiday visits.

The importance of a traveling bed cannot be overemphasized, especially for families who are always on the go and may not be very sure of a comfortable sleeping place for their little ones where they are going. This is why every family that wants to travel with kids should own a travel bed for their kid’s convenience, safety, and comfort.

When it comes to selecting the best toddler travel bed, there are so many options available, from heavier materials to extremely light ones and from different colors to different shades of design. However, you need to settle for the most ideal product if you are to give your children better comfort and the most convenient sleeping place.

After series of research and a lot of customer interviews, we have come up with the 10 best toddler travel beds in the market, based on their features, level of convenience, durability, and overall customer ratings. Read on to find out whether your favorite travel bed makes the list.

1. The Shrunks Indoor Travel Bed

Best Toddler Travel Bed

Well, if this toddler travel bed does not make the list, no other toddler bed is probably good enough to make the list. It is my current favorite and there are many reasons why it still maintains very high ratings on Amazon. This stroller is lightweight and very compact, making it very easy to fold and carry along with you. It is an ideal toddler bed for the first trip with your child.

For a toddler bed to be considered safe for children, it needs to have a long list of safety features, which of course is one of the landmark achievements for this toddler bed. It has a tightly fitted bottom sheet, is very firm, and has good ventilation. One major concern for toddlers is that they need to have breathing space.

Otherwise, they will feel choked and caged in a tight-looking bed. This fold and go travel bed provides enough space for the child, even though it’s compactly built.

The mattress is removable while the sheet can be easily washed in the machine. Another quality feature you will like about this bed is the tubular steel frame, which is designed to keep your toddler from falling off when they are sleeping.

2. BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light

Best Toddler Travel Bed

This toddler bed is suitable for kids weighing from 5 pounds to 20 pounds. It is another high-quality brand designed to be very sturdy and durable. This bed can go anywhere with you, including the train, and onboard a plane as part of your hand luggage.

BabyBjorn has pockets and spaces where you can store some valuables your child will need when traveling. With this type of toddler bed on your side, traveling with your child becomes easier no matter where you are going.

It is designed with fitted sheets, mesh top cover which protects against insect and sun, vented and contoured base with comfortable firm mattress. This portable toddler bed has all the features you will ever need in a high-quality bed for kids. No wonder it maintains a very high user rating on Amazon. The mattress is made of soft quality material and a washable cover. It is amazingly light for its size and can also be easily transported and carried around with one hand.

3. The Lotus Travel Crib

Toddler Travel Bed

If you really want something with more construction to it, the Lotus Travel Crib is right for you. It is a very popular bed for many parents who understand the need to give their child a very comfortable place to sleep when out of the home. The toddler travel bed has a one-hand fold and doesn’t weigh much. It doesn’t take much time to set up.

In fact, within 15 seconds, the bed will be ready to perform its duty. The Lotus Travel Crib is so compact that it can easily be carried as a backpack. Other great features of this product include a machine washable cover, fun side door, quality certified, and breathable mesh which allows airflow. Also, it does not contain any flame retardant such as leads, phthalates, or PVC.

So many people have seen the overall quality of this bed. This is the reason why is has lots of reviews on Amazon and is rated 4.5 by Amazon users. Moreover, you will not be breaking the bank to buy this product because it is very cheap compared to other toddler travel beds in the same league with this one.

4. Kidco Peapod Portable Bed

Toddler Travel Bed

There are good toddler beds and there are great toddler beds. The Kiddo Peapod Plus falls under the latter category. If you are looking for a very durable bed that provides great comfort for toddlers, you may not see a better bargain than the Kiddo Peapod Plus toddler bed.

It is very compact, light, and quite easy to unpack. There are some portable toddler beds that can easily put children to sleep due to their comfortable designed material. The Kiddo portable bed is one of such types of beds. The bed can withstand any form of rough handling and still serve you for years until your child outgrows the bed.

It comes fully assembled for convenient use, is great for sleepovers or for the beach, and comes with a microlite sleeping pad. Other great features of this product include anchoring straps, an inner mesh zipper panel, and adjustable sunscreens.

5. Intex Kidz Portable Travel Bed

Toddler Travel Bed

The Intex Kidz Travel Bed is a new innovation in the travel toddler bed industry. It is an inflatable bed that fits into a frame. The frame can be separated from the bed, which makes it easy to use crib sheets with the bed. When they are together, the frame provides a perfect shield for your child to prevent him/her from falling off. There is one reason why the Intex Kidz Travel Bed is very popular today – it is uniquely very soft and tender on the skin and yet firm enough to accommodate a toddler who weighs 40 pounds.

Inflatable beds are better preferred than other types of beds because they can easily be deflated and tucked properly inside a bag. Once they are ready to be used, you only need 2 minutes to inflate the bed and place it for use.

Apart from its convenience, the Intex Kidz Travel Bed is also less expensive compared to full-sized beds. With great features specifically included for toddlers, this bed has proved to be a real companion for traveling toddlers.

6. Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed

Toddler Travel Bed

The Leachco Bumpzz travel bed for toddlers is well ahead of most other types of travel beds. It is a portable bed that can be converted and used for different purposes as your little one grows. It is lightweight, can be easily folded, and secured with velcro straps. This mattress is designed with a lot of soft padding to provide comfort for your toddler. Apart from providing soft padding for a better sleep experience, the bed also has outer bumpers, which eliminates any risk of your child falling off the bed when sleeping.

Leachco Bumpzzz is not just meant to serve as a bed but also as a cozy lounger. The covering and padding are removable and washable. With this bed, you don’t need to carry extra sheets since it comes with enough sheets your kid will need for better comfort.

If you are looking for a long-lasting bed that provides extra comfort for your little one when both of you are on vacation or visiting grandma, there are very few options available to you. And one of the best options is the Leachco Bumpzzz Travel bed for kids.

7. Regalo My Cot Travel Bed

Toddler Travel Bed

The Regalo My Cot travel bed is another great option for people looking for an inflatable bed for kids. It comes with an electric pump which gives you the freedom to inflate or deflate the bed at any time. Moreover, it doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to bring the bed to its fully inflated size.

This is a real improvement on the earlier designed beds that require manual pumping for an extended time. This mattress comes with its own carrying bag and a patch kit for easy transport.

It is equally designed with BPA and phthalate-safe materials for better health and extra peace of mind. Overall, if you are looking for an affordable bed that is also environmentally friendly, The Regalo My Cot traveling bed is a great choice.

8. Regalo My Cot Delux With Sleeping Bag

Toddler Travel Bed

Here is another traveling bed from the Regalo brand which is designed with all the features needed to keep your child comfortable. Regalo portable traveling bed has not been long in the market but it has already made its mark as raving positive reviews on Amazon have shown.

The surface of this bed is quite easy to clean and the cover can be easily removed for machine washing. The bed has short legs which provide a perfect balance for kids to lie down and stay safe even when they fall from the bed. It is ideal for camping trips, daycare, and for use even at home. The design of this product makes it very light and won’t take up much space when traveling.

9. AeroBed Sleep Tight Mattress For Kids

Toddler Travel Bed

The AeroBed Mattress has been recognized as one of the best inflatable beds in the market today. There are many reasons to back this claim. First, this bed provides a soft sleeping surface suitable for toddlers on the go.

Second, it is sturdily designed to last throughout the toddler stage of your child. Your child will enjoy this bed until they grow older and above the age of using small mattresses.

Another reason for the bed’s popularity is its simplicity. With a pump and a carrying bag, you can tuck this bed away anytime and inflate it back within a minute. It is durable, affordable, and quite comfortable for toddlers. It is, therefore, highly recommended.

10. The Shrunks Inflatable Toddler Bed

Toddler Travel Bed

Well, there is probably no other toddler bed that is as accommodating as the Shrunks inflatable air mattress. The idea of a portable travel bed is to give your child great comfort when sleeping, even when both of you are away from the home.

The Shrunks brand is specifically designed to be a perfect solution for sleepovers. It comes with great features that make it very easy to use.

The Shrunks Inflatable bed is an innovative air bed that provides great comfort to a child. It is designed with a strong Jetaire electronic pump, a compact repair kit, and a convenient carrying bag. It inflates quickly and features security rails that make sure your child doesn’t fall. Interestingly, the product is also very affordable.

Reasons You Should Be Using Toddler Travel Bed

If you are wondering whether you need to buy a toddler bed for your little one, there are reasons you should be using a toddler travel bed?

They are very important companions to hold especially when you and your kid are leaving your home for the holiday or on a visit to grandma’s place. The introduction of a toddler bed has made things easier for families who are always on the go and looking for a special sleeping place for their kids when they are not at home.

Below are some good reasons why you will need to buy a toddler travel bed for your little one.

Comfort and a Good Relaxation

If you have ever traveled out with your child and had difficulty finding a comfortable place for them to sleep, you will understand the importance of a toddler bed. With a toddler bed, all you need to do is just remove it from the travel back and roll it on the floor for your child. He or she will stay very comfortable and have a very good night’s sleep.

Another reason why a toddler bed is a great choice is for convenience. If you are a traveling family, you may not be able to carry your child’s crib along. That will definitely be a lot of burden. But a travel toddler’s bed is so simple and portable you may not notice you are carrying anything. It can be easily tucked inside a bag and unfold whenever it is needed. It will even provide the same level of comfort your kid normally gets when they sleep in the crib at home.

They are not expensive

The cost of a travel toddler bed will not prevent anyone from owning one, especially when they need it. If you know a travel toddler bed will come in handy wherever you are traveling with your kid, you will understand why it is necessary to own one.

Sleeping Place

The Good news about a toddler bed is that it can be used even if you are not traveling with your family. In a situation where you have a family visiting with their kids and you don’t have a spare crib for a child, the toddler bed can be used as an alternative. You can spend a little amount to provide great comfort for the child instead of worrying about obtaining a crib or a sleeping place for them.

The above are the reasons why a toddler travel bed is very important both for traveling families and those who want to provide an emergency bed for visiting families.

How to Select the Best Toddler Travel Bed

Choosing the perfect bed for your toddler will definitely aid in a good night’s sleep for your little one. However, when selecting the ideal travel bed, there are certain things you need to consider. Below are things to consider before choosing the most ideal toddler travel bed for the overall comfort of your child.

1. Consider the Size And Weight Of The Bed

Toddler travel beds come in different sizes and in different models. You need to decide on the most ideal size based on the size and weight of your child. The weight of the bed is also important. If you are going to be traveling far, it is better to settle for a travel bed that is as light as possible.

2. Check For Stability Of The Bed

Your baby may have midnight movements during sleep. The choice of bed you select should be strong and stable enough to cope with these movements. This will ensure that your baby doesn’t get uncomfortable by the noise or shrieking sound of the bed.

3. Ease of Assembly

Consider a bed that does not need too much involvement for assembly. If you are a family that moves a lot, this will become frustrating at times. You will want to arrive at your destination without having to stress yourself again to arrange a comfortable place for your child to lie down.

4. Consider The Cost

The final thing you need to consider here is the cost of the toddler travel bed. Usually, the most expensive toddler beds are the ones with the most features. This should not be prioritized if you don’t travel often and only want something that may be useful once or twice in a long while. But families who are always on the go should consider getting a high-quality toddler travel bed, even though it will be more expensive. This will help you save costs in the long run.


Traveling with a toddler can be very multitasking. You have to get yourself ready and also think about their preparation as well. This alone can take a toll from you without even having to worry about where they will sleep.

The importance of a travel bed for your kid cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to convenience and safety. This is because the places you go may not have a convenient sleeping area for children.