9 Best Dual Shower Head In 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Did you ever wet in the rain? Everyone, whether it is a child or adult, likes the natural gift that is rain and loves to get wet in heavy rain. In heavy rain to get wet is a heavenly experience and every age of person want to get this experience, the rhythm of rain, the water sensation, the needle-like spray that when touches your soft skin you feel fresh and energetic.

Also, rain vanishes all the dirt from your body and make you and your mind feel relaxed. But rain is nature’s beauty you will not get it when you wish it to be so now what to do? The answer is the best dual shower head that provides a similar experience just like rain.

Dual Shower Heads Comparison

Ana Bath SS5450CBN Double shower head – All Over Best2.3 GPM55 Inch
Delta 75588RB In2ition 2.5 GPM – Maximum Flexibility2.5 GPM572 Inch Hose
Moen 26008 Magnetix Handheld/Rain Shower Head – Best Dual Shower Head with Handheld2.4 GPM73.5 Inch
AquaDance 7″ Premium High-Pressure – Our Top Pick2.5 GPM67 Inch
LORDEAR Dual Shower Head With 5 Functions2.5 GPM523.5 Inch
HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury Handheld Rainfall Shower-Head2.5 GPM66 Inch
DreamSpa Rainfall Double Head Shower, Premium Chrome2.5 GPM77 Inch
Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting LED – Best For LED2.5 GPM44 Inch

The dual Shower head is one of the type of shower heads and in rain mode gives you the same experience with high pressure and at any time. If you want to read the benefits and thins you know before buying dual shower head then scroll down there you will get the complete buying guide of best dual shower heads.

Who does not want to have a heavenly experience under the shower? Bathing is one of the loveliest things that change your mood from sad to food. Such a relaxing bath can fresh and relax your mind along with removing the dirt from your body.

But the thing is many factors need to know before buying the dual shower head of your choice that is the right volume of water, perfect water, and air pressure, different modes of the shower like rain and massages modes and many others.

You will answer to all these things at the bottom of the page so scroll down if you want to know. It is necessary to have a dual shower head in your bathroom because first of all, it will give you rain experience and second it has enough water pressure and flow.

You will take a shower with your partner same time and along two shower heads a third handheld shower head also available so that you can wash your bathtubs, bathroom accessories and give a bath to your pets.

But, do you know the dual shower heads that are available on the market with the highest ratings? Are you looking for a shower head that can be used by a person of any age group? Let’s read about the reviews of top-rated shower heads along with their Pros and Cons their features and benefits so that to you should conclude by the end of this article.

10 Best Dual Shower Heads Reviews 2021

1. Ana Bath SS5450CBN Double shower head – All Over Best

Best Dual Shower Head

Although having a dual showerhead can make your bathing experience more present and enjoyable. One downside of using a dual showerhead is that it will use more water because of its second heads and will increase the water bills.

So, If you are tense due to high water bills after using the dual shower head here’s the double combo from Ana Bath. Unlike most other units. It only flows at a rate of 2.3 gallons per minute that means that you can use both of shower heads at the same time without getting water bills higher than your budget. Of course, the pressure may be reduced but not that much that the shower heads will become dead.

This Pack of two amazing showers is the right choice for you if you are getting sucked of high water bills after using two shower heads simultaneously. So this shower head is the right choice for you if you are thinking of upgrade your shower system because it has an excellent user experience and is selling like hotcakes from past two years.

The Ana Bath have water saving technology that saves the amount of water from being waste which will lower your water bills. The 5-inch shower pack comes with five types of water flow styles that are massage spray, massage saturation mix spray, saturating spray, bubbling spray and bubbling saturating mix spray. Not only in features but it is also a pure diamond in its design and looks. As it is available in brushed nickel finish that will make your bathroom in look more royal. It is performing quite right that’s why people like more than any other dual shower heads.

Unfortunately, the thing about ana bath is its price as it is little costly, but it is farther better than most of the other dual shower heads because I use it and I am pleased from this double shower head.

  • Five inch large shower heads
  • It would not destroy
  • Spray with five functions
  • Can Use both shower heads simultaneously
  • Reduce water bills
  • Easy installation even without a plumber
  • Anti-clog nozzle that keeps the minerals and lime deposits away
  • Water flow rate 2.3 gallons per minute
  • Quite Pricey but have excellent features
  • Only have three years guarantee
  • Pressure may drop when using both heads at same time


Best Dual Shower Head

Now here we have an industry leading dual shower head which most of the users loved. There is no hesitation In that it is one of the famous and most demanding shower head in the market today. This product has an excellent star rating on Amazon, and the customers are very much satisfied with it.

Packed with a massive number of features this shower head deserves to be a part of your bathroom. The Hydroluxe shower head is a very excellent model. It is straightforward to install it in minutes as you do not need a plumber or someone else to fix it. Its design is straightforward and eye-catching. Moreover, this product promises high functionality and double features.

It consists of two shower head one is fixed, and other is handheld. It depends on your weather you want to use one shower head to save your water or use two shower heads simultaneously to enjoy the different features of this shower head. One of the most exciting features is that supports 24 combined water flow patterns for good bathing experience and make your bath more refreshing. Both head and handheld shower head come with five settings including dominant rain mode, stay-warm mist, massage, water saving economy rain a pause mode.

Water saving economy rain is a feature in which you can take the first bath even on days with water cuts. Moreover, a 5foot durable stainless steel hose is also there in a package that connects with the handheld shower head so you can adjust the height of the shower head according to your choice.

This shower head was built only for the sole purpose of saving water while taking a shower by offering you the pause mode which turns off the water flow instantly whenever you want to do. The restrictor ensures that water flow is always below 2.5GPM and you can also use one shower head at a time if you prefer.

To save it from rust and it can last longer its body is made up of stainless steel. It comes with brass hose nuts that are super flexible, and you can tighten it with your hand to save your time and energy. If you call a plumber for its installation, he will set it up quickly because this is a tape tools-free installation.

All these modes will save you water bill and reduce it too much extent. You should consider it seriously if you are looking for a budget-friendly dual showerhead with high quality. Also, this is one of the best shower heads in 2020 and will be best in 2021 and upcoming years.

  • Has an adjustable overhead bracket
  • Has 24 combined water flow patterns
  • Can use two shower heads simultaneously or each at a single time
  • Have a 10-year warranty to cover defects
  • Reasonable in Price
  • Easy to install
  • Five spray settings provide you more relaxation

    3. Delta 75588RB In2ition 2.5 GPM – Maximum Flexibility

    Best Dual Shower Head

    Moen and Delta shower head earn the reputation of being the most significant two brands in the industry as they have made a lot of bathroom accessories in excellent quality. This brand is Now producing dual shower heads so the question arises that what could be the best dual shower head of delta? The answer is Delta 75588RB. Delta 75588RB is one of the greatest, and latest designs and above all, it is dual shower head.

    The overall design of this matter matches with all other models of Delta for which Delta is famous. This dual shower head is not made up of chrome but with Venetian bronze finish that is more classic than other shower heads. If you love classic accessories for your bathroom, then you will love to have this shower head in your bathroom.

    If you are in search of a shower head that does not take much place, then this shower head from Delta is the best one for you. In this shower head, the handheld can be changed into a fixed shower head this means that you can use both shower heads to get a rainfall experience, or you can use each shower head separately.

    One main thing about this shower head is that it mostly use for massage and relaxation purpose. There are total five spray modes, three of them are massage which means that you will become relaxed, fresh and get a heavenly experience after taking a shower. Moreover, It also has a pause feature, which enables you to save water when you need it.

    Also, cleaning this shower head is not a big problem because of soft rubber nozzles. Overall, this dual shower head is a perfect way to get a heavenly experience while bathing.

    • Fast and easy to install
    • 5 GPM flow rate
    • Can use both shower heads simultaneously
    • Soft rubber nozzles that are easy to clean
    • Built-in Pause feature
    • The handheld shower head can also apply as fixed
    • Multiple massage modes
    • Extra Long handheld hose
    • Hose decreases water flow when using individually
    • The couplings of the tube are not as durable as other components.

    4. Moen 26008 Magnetix Handheld/Rain Shower Head – Best Dual Shower Head with Handheld

    Best Dual Shower Head

    Moen has also earned an excellent reputation in producing good shower heads, but this time we will talk about Moen 26008 dual shower head with Magnetic Holder Technology.

    This model is not like other Moen shower heads, but it is more interesting. This Shower head is not only chrome dual shower head, but it is also magnetic. Yes, the fresh and interesting fact about this shower head is that it comes with magnetic features which will make remarkably easier for you if your hands are slippery to put down the side in its place.

    Moreover, the best thing is that it comes with a large shower head which is all we wanted in our bathroom with excellent water flow. The dual shower heads support three modes whether to use one shower or both showers at the same time.

    The significant difference between this model and the rest of the shower heads is that the fixed shower head had one feature that is it offers one full flow of water while the other shower head has six features consist of rainfall, massage and stream, and variations of all three plus a pause button to cut off the flow of water while maintaining the same temperature.

    Installation of this double shower head is also easy. It consists of 3.5 inches handheld shower head, 60-inch flexible metal hose with which you have a comfortable shower as it rotated according to your will.

    • Can rotate your shower head easily
    • High pressure with two shower head
    • Can snap into one place with a magnetic dock
    • Long hose attached for easy convenience
    • Have different spray settings
    • Easy installation even without a plumber
    • Finding Shower head parts of Moen exactly suitable to that is difficult
    • It is a bit costly

    5. AquaDance 7″ Premium High-PressureOur Top Pick

    Best Dual Shower Head

    There is a difference between previous showerheads that we reviewed and the Aquadance dual shower head, and the difference is this is an extra large shower head instead of other shower heads that are available in the market.

    That’s not the essential feature of this shower head because there are a lot more features of this shower head due than any other shower head.

    The Aqua dance 7 inches dual shower head comes with different and so many quality designs that can fit your bathroom quickly and make your bathroom look eye-catching. It also gives you a heavenly experience while taking a bath. Moreover, this shower head can also use as a fixed shower head or a handheld shower head. It comes with 7 inches larger shower head which gives you full rain experience while taking a shower.

    The most important thing about this shower head is that both of them are 7 inches longer in diameter. There is a regulator valve present in the base of this shower head that allows you to move this shower head back and forth. Also, this valve has three different modes that will enable you to use a single shower head or both at the same time, giving you additional relaxation and flexibility while taking a shower.

    To make your bath more relaxing this shower head come with six different modes that are power rain, power mist, rain massage, pulsating massage, rain mist and a water-saving way with you can keep your water but cut down the flow of water and can save your bills.

    Both shower heads are made up of stainless steel along with chrome finish and thus guarantee you that they will not destroy too easily. Also, the jets are very easy to clean you need to wipe them and remove any deposits that may be present there. Beside this, you do not need a plumber to install this as it comes with an installation book and it is also straightforward to fix it. You do not need any tools to fit this head. Thus it allows you to upgrade your old shower head at your convenience.

    • Large in diameter of 7 inches
    • Can set up without any tool
    • Comes with free installation guide
    • Have US limited Lifetime warranty
    • Beautiful design with brass nuts
    • Easy to clean jets
    • Six shower modes for both heads
    • Can use both shower heads
    • Water saving mode
    • Rainfall Mode for Luxury bath
    • Flow regulator can reduce water pressure some time
    • The pipe can be used with care because the fittings are of plastic which can break if you use it care less
    • Price is high because of premium quality and best performance

    6. LORDEAR Dual Shower Head With 5 Functions

    Best Dual Shower Head

    You can get the idea by the name of Lordear that this shower head will be great because it is made to be great. LOREDEAR is a brand of dedication because you can see the amount of effort they put into their other products, so it is sure that shower heads by lordear will be excellent.

    If you wish to install a shower bar that allows you to adjust the height of handheld shower head but you do not want to invest a second separate shower head in doing that so Loredear is the best option for you because you will only reach that level of flexibility after getting this shower bar.

    The loredear shower head is straightforward to install. Like other shower head, it also comes with an installation guide. You do not need an expert plumber or yourself be a specialist handyman to fit this shower head.

    Moreover, it comes with five different spray function to feel you more relax and give you a spa bath experience. This shower head will save your money, and it also works well for disabled people. You will get a fixed and handheld shower head, slide bar, shower arm, and a stainless steel hose. The shells of shower head are scratch resistant.

    The fixed shower head and the handheld shower head are of 5 inches in diameter along with 60 inches stainless hose and 23.6 inches Adjustable Slide bar. The different functions of shower head include Spray, massage, bubbles, spray and bubble and spray and massage.

    You can choose the right mode according to your mood to enjoy the bath. Moreover, it is one of the best dual showerheads with a handheld because it has quality craftsmanship for better durability and performance.

    The dual rain shower heads set also comes with a chrome finish that gives your bathroom an attractive look. After buying this showerhead, you will be given 100 percent money back guarantee and assured you of 100 percent promise if you will not get satisfied with the performance of this shower head.

    • Accessories are of excellent quality
    • Can use both heads simultaneously
    • Five spray modes available
    • Chrome finish to make your bathroom attractive
    • User-friendly design
    • Can adjust the height according to your needs
    • Easy installation without a plumber
    • Excellent shower head but with low water pressure
    • The handheld may stick holder after sometime

    7. HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury Handheld Rainfall Shower-Head

    Best Dual Shower Head

    We are raising our standards when we are talking about Hotel spa because it is one of the most leading manufacturers in the industry and that’s why we consider it on our list. The main thing of Hotel spa shower heads is its design plus functionality which attracts a broader audience. Moreover, if you want a spa-like shower experience than buying this, you will not regret

    Both shower heads in this shower head come with a variety of spray settings that are power mist, hydrating mist, mist, pulsating massage, massage, and water saving mode that lower the pressure to save water.

    It comes with four-way fixed and handheld shower head which makes it more different than another bath along with 30 flow patterns. It has 6 inches set and 4 inches handheld shower head with an adjustable angle that allows you to enjoy shower from any way you want to so this allows you and your partner to take a bath without any hurdles and effortlessly.

    Besides this, the Hotel spa shower head is a tool-free installation means that it can install without any tools with little time and effort. You just 10 minutes to fit this shower head and after that, you are set. Also, it comes with a plumber tape and a 5-foot long stainless steel hose.

    Moreover, it comes with a full one-year warranty, and it is straightforward to install and adjustable. In Short, this double shower unit will give you a relaxing shower if you buy it.

    • Easy to install without any tools
    • Easy to clean jets
    • Water pressure does not effect on single or dual shower heads
    • Use water Equally to save water bill
    • Larger 6-inch shower heads
    • Six spray settings
    • Plastic is of excellent quality and will not corrode
    • 5GPM flow rate
    • Made up of plastic but has outstanding performance
    • In some cases, water may leak

    8. DreamSpa Rainfall Double Head Shower, Premium Chrome

    Best Dual Shower Head

    Our next dual shower head is one of the most fantastic rainfall shower head units, and this product is very popular on the market today. Dreams are a very reliable brand, and their products gain massive importance because of their quality. Dreams rainfall double shower head is one of their most significant achievement nowadays.

    This pack of shower head comes with various features and controls that make it more luxurious. This showerhead is easy to install you do not need to worry about the installation of this shower head after buying. It is easy to install and even works with any shower arm of any size. It comes in a square shape with shower heads made up of stainless steel material that is the reason for its longer life. Along with shower head (fixed and handheld), it comes with a shower hose and a diverter that is the reason you will not need any plumber or tools for installation.

    It comes with 7 inches chrome faced design, and 4 inches chrome met handheld shower head along with seven modes. The modes are pulsating massage, power rain mode, rain mist, rain massage, hydro-mist and a water saving pause mode. The pause mode is very efficient and good style because it allows you to cut down the supply of water immediately with only one button for a reduction in your water bill.

    If you, want more ease for you then the angle adjustable overhead bracket and an anti-swivel lock is an excellent choice. This shower head is entirely made up of stainless steel hose conical brass and hose nuts. Also, it supports tool-free installation.

    • Both heads are of 7 inches
    • Tool-free installation
    • Have seven spray settings
    • Have limited lifetime warranty
    • Angle-adjustable overhead bracket
    • Can use both showers heads single or simultaneously.
    • Needs standard water pressure but operates smoothly
    • In rare cases, the showerhead may leak from sides.

    9. Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting LED – Best For LED

    Best Dual Shower Head

    Till now, we have looked at dual shower heads that offers relaxation and luxury along with cleaning you. However, if you want more fun and enjoyment into your bathing experience, then you may use this powers dual showerhead by Luminex.

    The significant difference that differentiates this shower head from all other shower heads is that it comes with water pressure activated LED lighting system. Means that It will cycle through all seven colors of the rainbow while bathing adding a sense of style and entertainment and will your shower with your loved ones more romantic.

    Also, these LED lights do not operate on wires or battery but they have a direct connection with the water pressure of the shower head means that they will start their cycle every time the shower is on. Thus if you want a LED free shower than you should the other eight shower heads listed above.

    The shower head has a Hydro supercharged turbine led means that the lights can be charged on their own with the help of water just like electricity produced with the support of water. This shower head also has Air jets design present in it that adds oxygen into the water which helps in increasing the water pressure and also prevents clogging too. The four spray settings that come along with this shower head are rain, massage, rain/massage, and a pause mode. You can set the method according to your choice.

    Remarkably, this shower head is of a 4-inch face, and both fixed and handheld shower head are angle-adjustable for easy body reach. It is made up of plastic faces to prevent corrosion with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM and a five-foot flexible stainless steel hose. Overall, if you like the idea of LED along shower head than you your partner and your kids will love this showerhead.

    • Have one year US warranty
    • Can be set up without any tools
    • Each shower head will use separately
    • Five-foot-long flexible stainless steel hose
    • Four Spray modes for relaxation
    • Rainbow color changing LED system
    • Lights can change automatically
    • No batteries or wires require for lights because LED is Hydro Supercharged Turbine LED.
    • Lights cannot turn off during shower
    • The lightning is only best in low light
    • These are just color lights operates on their own without the sense of water temperature.

    Best Dual Shower Head Buying Guide

    What is dual shower head?

    Before buying anything, the buyer must know the basic of thing which he or she wants to buy so let’s know about the dual shower head. A dual shower head is a combination of 2  in 1 shower heads as the name of the double shower head suggests that it consists of 2 shower heads to give you more flexibility and better shower experience. They are also used by people who want to clean their pets with better water flow.

    Keep in mind that in dual shower head each shower head has independent water flow with good water pressure that means that the flow of water will be more than the average flow of 2.5 GPM from each shower head. The shower head can differ in size, and function Like A dual shower head might be a fixed rain shower head or a handheld shower for your comfort.

    Things to Consider Before Buying A Dual Shower Head

    • Quality and Design: Does the Design of Shower head is beautiful Enough, and the condition is also excellent or not from all those regular showerheads. Delta and Moen Shower heads are the best ones in my point of View.
    • Water Pressure: Your Main Reason most probably for buying a dual shower head will be for comfort with your partner while taking a shower and for convenience, you must have a shower head with high water pressure so buy that who have good water pressure as most cheap quality shower heads lack water pressure although they are beautiful.

    Every Bathroom must need a dual shower head system for their comfort and to surprise people with their modern and beautiful design shower heads. Moreover, in contemporary era dual shower heads are getting more popular because of their huge advantages. It is OK to say that a bathroom with best dual showerheads is comfortable for two partners or persons to bath together and enjoy their bath. However, You should keep some tips in mind before buying a double shower head.


    Everyone takes a shower daily to relax their body and mind and to feel fresh, so it is essential to set the mode of your showerhead according to your need. People of Different ages prefer different setting to relieve their stress and relax their body. In-depth, when you are suffering from body pain or a headache, you can rest your body and mind by set your shower in rain or massage mode. Some basic settings and styles of shower heads are rain, massage, mist, water saving economy rain, rain/aeration, rain/massage and the little bit more. So you can test all that and can set that according to your need


    The best thing about the dual shower head is that it comes with two shower heads that you can use separately or simultaneously. Like if you are taking a bath alone that you can use one showerhead and if your partner you can use another showerhead. Along with that in new models of showerheads, the handheld shower head is also available and you must buy that because it is removable and you can use it for cleaning your body parts your bathroom your basins your tubs, dogs, pets, walls this handheld shower head can clean everything.


    The Design of shower head must match with all other accessories that are present in your bathroom so that visitors must paise your accessories and shower head. The dual shower heads are available in a variety of colors with beautiful designs so that you can choose your shower head that matches with your bathroom accessories. Shower heads come with bronze, nickel, oil rubbed bronze coating that looks more beautiful and eye-catching.


    The Shower heads are readily available in the online market and also offline but you need to set your budget according to your range. It is also important to look at the quality of shower heads because it also happened that a cheap shower head does not last longer than an expensive shower head that has merit.


    Now the question is how to install a shower head whether it is fixed or handheld. Setup is not the main problem you can know the installation of shower head after buying the best shower head for your bathroom according to your accessories.

    LED Shower Heads

    LED shower heads are shower heads with seven colors of rainbow scattering while taking a shower. It is also a good option for kids as kids get attracted by the colors and it also makes the bathroom heaven for kids.


    Showerheads come in a variety of sizes and with different features, so you do not need to be sad after buying one because you can set the mode of a shower head. In a dual shower, there are rain and a fixed shower head along with one handheld. Also, there are other models where two shower heads into wall and third one is handheld.


    One of the main thing while buying a shower double shower head is pressure because a shower head with little or no pressure is of no use. Many best shower heads in the market that are a little bit cheaper have little or no trouble to be aware of that


    One of the most critical questions is how to install a shower head whether it is single or dual so the answer is it is straightforward to fit a shower head. In most of the cases, it is so simple that you need to unscrew your old shower head an screw the new shower head (single or dual) at its place.

    Moreover, inside packing of every shower head, there is an installation guide so you can read that and install your shower head. If there is no installation guide so must call a professional plumber to fix shower head, or you can read our step by step guide about how to install a shower head.

    Such features the shower head that suits you either from online or from the offline store. There are LED shower heads also available in the market with bright colors and funky designs in which kids will love to take a shower. As these shower heads have got immense popularity in the modern era so be sure to check the quality, design, functions, modes, and price while buying a shower head.

    Types of Dual Shower Heads

    Now the question arises what are the types of the shower head? or how many types of dual shower heads? So the answer is there are two types of dual shower heads.

    A bathroom looks nice, cool and catchy to the eye if you make changes in your bathroom accessories after few months. So in the present century, people are replacing their old shower system with new and advanced models. Like the traditional single shower head is being replaced by double shower heads because of its vast advantages so beside advantages one must know the types so that you should take decision easily about buying a shower head.

    Fixed dual shower head:

    In this type, two shower heads are attached to a single mount. It’s your choice whether you want to place it horizontally or side by side or one is fitted above other to cover a large area. You can adjust that kind of shower as you wish so that they work perfectly for you.

    Dual shower head with a handheld shower:

    In this type, there are two shower heads in which one shower head attaches with the wall, and other can be removed from the wall and held in hand. It is very comfortable as you can rinse your hair or other body parts with great ease. In some models, the removable shower head has longer extensions for the purpose that you can clean your bathroom tiles, walls, bathtubs, and other bathroom accessories with them. Moreover, you can also give a shower to your pets by this handheld shower head with long extensions.

    So After reading this, it is straightforward for you to compare all the features, styles and modes of different shower heads whether it is fix or handheld and buy the best model for your bathroom. After all, this accessory cannot be changed every month so be sure to compare all these things and make a decision and buy one dual shower head.

    Benefits OF Buying A Dual Shower Head

    A double or dual shower head gives you two different modes of shower according to you will weather it is rain or massage and it makes you feel relaxed and fresh. Some of the shower heads came with two models that are fixed shower head that attaches with wall and a handheld shower head that is removable for easy convenience. There are so many significant benefits of dual shower heads that you will be keen to get one of the best dual shower head for your bathroom, and I hope you will get one from the above-listed shower heads after reading the benefits listed below.

    1. Getting maximum body coverage under a single shower head is not possible. However, from dual shower heads, you will get rid of that because you will get a cleaner and shiner body after taking a shower under double heads. Moreover, the handheld shower heads are more convenient to use as you can remove them and can clean your body parts quickly. Also, it also increases the water pressure making your daily shower routine more smooth and good enough.
    2. The shower head in your bathroom must be good enough so that you can take a shower with your partner your loved one simultaneously. Dual shower head provides that facility with excellent water pressure you can change the mode to rain or massage shower head and can enjoy the bathing experience with your partner without any hurdle. There is more shower spray fall on you and your partner at a single time so that you and your partner can enjoy a pleasant bathing experience. That makes the showering experience more pleasant and enjoyable. Also, it has a handheld shower head from which you can give a shower to your pet with less effort and also clean the walls, tiles, tuba and all other accessories of the bathroom. So, buy dual shower heads to spend an enjoyable and pleasant time with your loved one while taking a shower.
    3. As two shower heads are placed on the top which naturally increases the pressure and flow that leads to a stronger shower. There is enough shower spray in the bathroom that you can get a shower without any hesitation and do not have to make enough efforts as you will be ready in minutes because due to this the need of positioning yourself under the showerhead vanishes.
    4. The number of choosing the modes increases with two shower heads ass both of them can work simultaneously in different ways as per your choice. You can select the setting as per your choice either by choosing rain mode with massage on other. Moreover, the unfixed handheld shower can be used to wash the hard-to-reach areas where a fixed shower head spray cannot reach.
    5. The dual shower heads take less time in giving you a perfect shower because of their duality and increase the flow of water as do a research a double shower head have a water flow of 5 gallons per minute, so you do not need to spend hours on the shower in the present decade. The companies have designed them in such a way that it covers more area in less time with increased water flow giving you a perfect shower. Beside this, People who are living together or life partners can take a bath at same out and come out of the bathroom within minutes and get ready.
    6. One other benefit of using a dual shower head is that it sprays water to all parts of the body due to its high water pressure the water gets to all preferred parts of the body within seconds and without any hesitation.
    7. The best of all feature is that you can set the temperature of each shower head according to your choice at the same time. You can set the temperature of one shower head at a colder temperature while the other shower spray or shower head at a warmer temperature which makes it suitable for children and old aged people. In short, you can set the temperature according to you will and enjoy your bath.
    8. Moreover, every member of the family can set the mode and setting of water spray as per their mood and need without any hard efforts. This experience and benefits will cover all your bug’s you spend while buying this dual shower head. Also, these shower heads are also suitable for disabled people as they can take a shower on their own due to the simplicity of dual shower heads.

    Therefore, double shower heads are entertaining and easy to use, and you experiment each new and easy mode on a modern day due to its various spray patterns. The design, finish, make, color and price should be kept in mind while buying your bathroom accessory.

    Final Words

    The dual shower heads with a handheld can add luxury to your bathroom along with giving you spa-like experience and many other advantages. The only disadvantage of dual shower heads is that they are a little bit expensive than usual single shower heads but they have benefits too, and it is right and sensible decision to spend your money on above-reviewed shower heads.

    You must look for the best model and the best shower heads among the ones that we review above having the necessary functions that you need for a perfect and relaxing shower. We have considered and discussed the top rated and hottest models above with their best feature so that you can select the right shower head for your bathroom.

    Moreover, give your highest priority to the brand shower heads because branded products assure you the highest level of their quality plus they also provide you with warranty even they cost a little more. But shower head is not an ordinary thing that you will change now and often. So, spend your money wisely after comparing the features of all shower heads listed above and buy one after deciding and feel the pleasure.

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