Top 7 Best Baby Bassinets of 2021 (Expert Selection)

Almost all parents are relieved by the sight of their baby sleeping beside them that’s the reason Mom loves best baby bassinets when they are searching to buy. Having their baby beside them at all times allows them to keep their baby safe and sound. Bassinets are very portable as well comfortable for any baby when you choose them for your baby they should be the best ones. This is when the baby is constantly waking up all hungry. No matter how you use a baby bassinet, it will last you a lifetime and provide you with service which is incomparable.

Is the Bassinet Essential for your baby?

Baby bassinets are considered the safest place to sleep for babies. Babies should sleep with their parents in the same room for the first six months according to many experts. Full-sized baby cribs are usually very big and take up a lot of space in your room. Bassinets are also very durable and stable as they follow the latest safety standards.

Always try to a buy brand new bassinet as they will come with safety standards. But if by any chance you are buying a used baby bassinet try to look into some safety standards first. Make sure the bassinet has no decorative cutouts or posts that could catch on a baby’s clothing and entrap them. Make sure a soda can fit through the side slats, then they the bassinet is not at all safe for the baby. The baby might easily slip through.

Most baby bassinets can hold a 15-20 pound baby. But sometimes a baby grows out of bassinets in size. Some babies will developmentally be big in size for their bassinets, even before reaching that weight limit. Choose a small baby bassinet for your baby as they are easy to carry around the house if you ever need to move the baby that is. If it is a foldable baby bassinet, make sure it folds properly and the latching mechanism is locked properly into place.

Our Top Picks

Product NameWeight
1. Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet, Falling Leaves8 pounds
2. Dream On Me Karley Bassinet, Blue/Grey14 pounds
3. Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet22 pounds
4. Delta Children Deluxe Gliding Bassinet, Silver Lining16.4 pounds
5. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, Mason18.5 pounds
6. Dream On Me Lucy Portable 2-in-1 Bassinet13.9 pounds
7. Delta Children Gliding Bassinet, Disney Princess15.2 pounds

In which stage do you really need a bassinet for your baby?

You can start using the best baby bassinets for your baby from birth. Usually, bassinets are used until your infant can move around. At a tender age, babies need a lot of comfort while sleeping. They are also less agile at this age. Babies can use it up till they are 6 months old and almost 15-20 pounds.

But sometimes a baby starts rolling over before they reach that age limit. It is better to transfer these kinds of babies to a crib. Cribs are a bit safer and can be made as comfortable as a baby bassinet by adding soft blankets or mattresses.

Things to Consider Before Buying

When you’re going to have a baby, you’ll need many different baby products, a bassinet is one of them which are the most important things that you’ll need to buy this particular product with absolute surety. A malfunctioning bassinet can be dangerous for your baby and you both. To aid you on this front, we have assembled a buying guide which will help you through the tiresome selecting process.

There are many bassinets available in the markets which vary in size, design, weight, and in many other attributes. But, you have to choose the bassinet which meets your requirements, and then you need to look for features which will help you care for your child with ease. Here are the things you need to know:

Building Material

Strength, adjustability, and endurance are one of the most important traits needed from a bassinet. Usually, aluminum is used to build the frames and fabrics made of cotton or polyester. Aluminum provides strength and durability. Plastic and steel are also used to build the business. So, to ensure durability and fitness, learn about the building materials of the bassinets.

Size and Weight

There are many different kinds of bassinets that vary in size and weight. From lightweight plastic made to heavyweight wooden bassinets are ready to accommodate your baby. You need to choose the bassinet intelligently according to the weight range of your need. If you want your bassinet fixed in a place, you can afford to go for the stylish heavyweight bassinets. On the other hand, if you need the bassinet to accompany you from room to room, you’ll need the lightweight ones. Also, select the bassinet according to the size available in your room.

Visibility, Breathability, and Temperature

As a parent, you’ll want your child to be absolutely comfortable inside the bassinet all the time. Visibility is needed to check the whereabouts of the baby all the while. There are some bassinets that might make the environment too congested and result in suffocation. Also, the temperature can be a big issue. The temperature inside the bassinet shouldn’t cross the room temperature.

How We Have Assembled the List

We’ve thought about the hassles one needs to go through to buy the perfect bassinet and decided to cut it off so that our valuable customers can choose the best thing available for them without having a headache.

Parents all over the world have different tastes and requirements. We have assembled a list that contains bassinet of every kind. We considered the price of the bassinets, how much you need to pay, which ones will offer you the best value for your money. Then we looked at the basic features, when we’ve found them satisfactory, we moved our focus to special features which will provide the edge of the bassinet over the others.

We also took the customer reviews and feedback from different parents. That is how we selected each and every single of bassinet present in the list to give you ultimate satisfaction.

Top 7 Best Baby Bassinets Review 2021

1. Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet, Falling Leaves

Best Baby Bassinets

Features & Specification

  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 45 x 17 x 33 inches
  • The frame is made of steel.
  • Machine washable polyester fiber pad.
  • Locking caster wheels.
  • Spacious storage basket which is divided into two sections.
  • Removable and adjustable canopy.
  • The electronic panel provides night light and soothing music. It needs 3 AA batteries to work.
  • Holds children up to 15 pounds.

Delta Children products are known for their unique blend of ingenuity, artistry, and security. And it is clearly the case of the Sweet Beginnings Bassinet. The bassinet structure is built using sturdy steel. That makes it more durable than other common bassinets you may find in the markets. It has got caster wheels too, so moving it causes no hassle at all. It has got quite some features up its sleeve which makes it one of the best co-sleeper out there.

It has got an electronic module which gives night light and sings lullabies to the baby. The module requires 3 AA batteries to function and the battery life is 100 hours. For the convenience of the customers, the fabrics of the bassinet are machine washable.

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet adds a removable and adjustable canopy to the bassinet, which makes it great to use while you’re doing something outside and still want to keep your baby inside your eyes’ reach. At the underside of the bassinet, there’s a spacious storage basket where you can keep utensils and items of need. Overall, this is a bassinet that will make you feel safe, secure about your baby while making your life a bit easier with its amazing features.


  • A lightweight but sturdy steel frame offers durability.
  • Locking caster wheels make moving effortlessly.
  • Easy cleaning process.
  • Adjustable canopy makes moving the baby in or out very convenient.
  • The night light makes the baby constantly visible and the music module helps the infant relax.
  • A storage basket provides room for many important things.


  • The storage basket isn’t fit for too heavy items.

2. Dream On Me Karley Bassinet, Blue/Grey

Best Baby Bassinets

Features & Specification

  • Weight: 14 pounds.
  • Dimensions : 21 x 6 x 23 inches.
  • The frame is built of lightweight aluminum. Polyester foam fabric is used to make other parts.
  • Comes with an adjustable double canopy.
  • It has a polyester-made 1-inch thick mattress pad.
  • Children can rock lightly while being inside it.
  • Storage space for important things.
  • Recommended for use: until the baby reaches 25 pounds.

The comfort of the baby is the main concern of every parent. To ensure optimum comfort to your child, you can buy the Dream On Me Karley Bassinet without any doubt. This bassinet is sure to be your child’s favorite because he/she’s going to love every moment in it. It has got 1-inch thick mattress pad which will make them feel like they are lying on feathers. It also allows the babies to rock gently. This bassinet is fairly lightweight at 14 pounds, but it can carry your baby up till 25 pounds which are more than most bassinets can carry. That is a plus point of this one.

This bassinet is made of lightweight Aluminium and polyester foam fabric. The aluminum frame offers mobility through the locking casters in it. It has got a convertible double canopy that can cover your beloved angel completely or as much as you want to be covered. To store the necessary things of the baby, there is a storage basket underneath the bassinet. Last but not the least, the design of this product is eye-catching, smart and the blue-grey combination gives it an aristocratic look.


  • Versatile and lightweight bassinet.
  • Easy to carry from room to room.
  • A comfortable sleeping pad lets babies sleep without any difficulty.
  • Double canopy shields the baby completely from insects or other harmful objects.
  • Storage space is very handy to store important things.


  • In some cases, if the liner is loose, it might cause a suffocation problem.

3. Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet, Fox and Friends, Espresso Stain

Best Baby Bassinets

Features & Specification

  • Weight: 22 pounds.
  • Dimensions : 34 x 23 x 5 inches.
  • Machine washable fitted sheet.
  • Adjustable canopy.
  • Spacious storage space.
  • The electronic module capable of playing four different calming songs and provide vibration. It needs 3 batteries.
  • Lockable wheels attached to the legs.
  • Capable of accommodating your child until they reach 15 pounds or when they can push up on hands or knees.

Classic look and classic attributes combine together to make a classy bassinet for you. The Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet is made of 100% solid wood which elegantly fits in with other furniture. It has got an adjustable canopy that blocks irritable light from hampering your precious gem’s nap.

For a wooden bassinet, it is fairly lightweight and carries your baby until they weigh 15 pounds. It has got a multifunctional electronic module which not only supplies soothing music but also vibrates to help the baby sleep. Wheels attached to the bottom of the bassinet help it to move smoothly.

For the convenience of the parents, the bassinet features large storage space and the fitted sheet is machine washable. The design of this particular bassinet is timeless and it is finely designed with an espresso frame finish. Also, the ‘Fox and Friends’ pattern is really cute to look at. This is a JPMA certified baby product so you won’t have to worry about its quality.


  • A classic design is charming to the eye.
  • The adjustable canopy protects the baby from irritable lights while they sleep.
  • Storage space is extra-large and it helps to keep necessary baby things in it.
  • Maintenance is really easy as the fitted sheet is machine washable.
  • This bassinet can move very smoothly from room to room because of its lockable wheels.
  • The electronic module helps the babies lull to sleep dreamily.


  • Weights more than it can carry, which is not ideal for a bassinet.

4. Delta Children Deluxe Gliding Bassinet, Silver Lining

Best Baby Bassinets

Features & Specification

  • Weight: 16.4 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 33 x 17 x 45 inches.
  • Removable and adjustable canopy.
  • Gliding base rocks lightly.
  • The music module plays soothing music and emits soft night light. It requires 4 AA batteries.
  • Steel frame and polyester fabric.
  • Washable fabric.
  • Holds children until they weigh 15 pounds.

Great for naptime and bedtime, this bassinet has got a great design and great features too. This bassinet from Delta Children will help your little tyke sleep with ease. And the timeless design will fit into your house effortlessly. This is cozy, easy to move as it has got caster wheels fitted with it. Two section storage spaces at the underside is spacious and capable of holding important items of the baby. The mattress pad is very soft for the baby’s comfort and the fitted and matching sheet is washable by machine.

The Deluxe Gliding Bassinet has got an adjustable and removable canopy that protects the baby from unwanted lights while he’s napping. The fabric which is used to make this bassinet is polyester. The frame is made of steel and the pad is of polyester fiber. This bassinet helps calm fussy babies by gently rocking back and forth by its gliding base. Also, there is an electronic music module attached to this bassinet which emits night light and provides soothing music to lull the baby to sleep with ease. It is quite lightweight too as it weighs just 16.4 pounds.


  • Great for tending fussy babies.
  • Beautiful and exotic design.
  • Canopy shields the baby from irritating lights.
  • Machine washable fabric means the cleaning process is very easy.
  • Comfortable environment for the baby.


  • The electronic module shuts off before the designated time sometimes.

5. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, Mason

Best Baby Bassinets

Features & Specification

  • Weight: 18.5 pounds
  • Dimensions : 6.2 x 19.4 x 33.9 inches
  • Reversible bassinet and diaper changer.
  • Made of plastic.
  • Sides are see-through and made of mesh.
  • Wipe clean fabric.
  • Overhead canopy.
  • Soft mattress pad.
  • Customers can use this as a bassinet until their children weigh 15 pounds and as a diaper changer until 30 pounds.

An all-rounder bassinet that is reversible and renders extra help to change your child’s diaper, that’s what Graco Dream Suite Bassinet is, a complete bedside child care center. It has got dedicated space for sleeping and changing. Fits perfectly beside beds, its sides are made of mesh which offers maximum visibility all the while and allows free airflow.

The bassinet is plastic constructed. It has got a canopy to offer shade and two soft toys adjoining it which are perfect for the baby’s playtime. It has got a soft mattress pad for facilitating the child and underneath large storage, basket to keep essentials ready to be grabbed for use. It has got locking wheels which enable the users to move it throughout the house without any difficulty.

This is such a versatile product as it can be used as both a bassinet and a changer. Parents need to change the diaper of the baby quite a few times every day. While you can use this one as a bassinet till your baby weighs 15 pounds, you can use it as a diaper changer until your baby angel hits the 30-pound mark. The diaper changer is made of fabric that can be cleaned easily just by wiping. So, nice and easy maintenance for you.


  • Versatile bassinet cum changing cabinet is a great option for smart parents.
  • Can be maintained with ease.
  • It can be moved easily from one room to another.
  • Creates a comfortable atmosphere for the child.


  • The flip handle can’t be operated with one hand.

6. Dream On Me Lucy Portable 2-in-1 Bassinet

Best Baby Bassinets

Features & Specification

  • Weight: 13.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 21.7 x 30 inches.
  • Large space for the baby.
  • Lockable, hooded, rotating wheels.
  • The versatile bassinet can easily be turned into a rocking cradle.
  • A full overhead canopy covers the baby completely.
  • Large storage basket.
  • The maximum weight recommended for this bassinet is 10 pounds.

Enjoy the effectiveness of a bassinet and the comfort of a cradle all-in-one baby product. The Dream On Me Lucy Portable 2-in-1 Bassinet has some really amazing and helpful features teamed up to make you purr with satisfaction. It is really spacious so your baby won’t feel too congested. This bassinet has got a multi-purpose full canopy. This is great for protecting the babies from mosquitoes or other harmful insects, also it covers up to shield them away from lights that might disturb their sleep.

The defining feature of this bassinet must be hooded, locking, and rotating wheels. These wheels are great for moving it but their magic lies elsewhere. You can rotate the wheels in an upward position and turn the bassinet into a rocking cradle just like that. That’s not the end of its attributes either, it has got a soft mattress pad for the facilitation of the baby, and the storage basket underneath the bassinet is quite good in size. Multipurpose, stylish and comfortable, what more do you want from a bassinet?


  • The spacious bassinet is ideal for the baby.
  • Easy to move from a place to another.
  • Full canopy protects the baby from insects.
  • The cradle feature is amazing as it helps the baby to lull into sleep easily.
  • The storage basket is handy for parents.


  • The maximum recommended weight is quite low compared to other bassinets.

7. Delta Children Gliding Bassinet, Disney Princess

Best Baby Bassinets

Features & Specification

  • Weight: 15.2 pounds.
  • Dimensions : 45.5 x 17.5 x 32
  • Adjustable and removable canopy.
  • Disney Princess patterned print.
  • Metal-made frame.
  • Nightlight, music, and vibration are available.
  • It has got a gliding base.
  • Locking caster wheels.
  • Water-resistant pad.
  • Four ‘AA’ batteries are required.
  • Accommodates children up to 15 pounds.

Enchanting Disney graphics and handsome features come with this Delta Children baby product. Delta Children is one of the leading companies in the baby product market and products like the Gliding Bassinet justify their enviable position.

This dreamy bassinet is designed for children under 15 pounds. It has got a large, adjustable, and removable canopy. The canopy does a fine job of guarding the baby from irritating lights. The bassinet frame is quite large and it is pretty spacious for the baby. The lockable caster wheels ensure easy movement throughout your house. It requires four AA batteries additionally and it provides soothing nightlight, calming sound, and vibration to make the baby doze off.

The mattress pad is one inch thick and waterproof. For the convenience of the parents, a large two-section storage basket is attached at the bottom of the bassinet. If you still have any doubt about the quality of the bassinet, they’ll surely be put to rest when you will learn that this bassinet is JPMA certified. It meets or exceeds all the requirements set by the ASTM and CPSC.


  • Eye-catching, smart design.
  • Lightweight but sturdy.
  • Canopy shields the baby well.
  • Smoothly movable.
  • Soft mattresses and spacious areas make the environment comfy for the baby.
  • The storage basket helps to tuck essentials in.


  • The music emitted from it can be very light, which might not help soothing babies.


Each and every single baby bassinet has qualities to be considered as the best of their kind. We want to give you an absolute satisfaction that is the sole purpose of the list presented here. Thousands of bassinets are available in the market, and many different people will advise you to buy different products. But, if you go through the buying guide, you’ll be able to know the exact thing that you need. And then our list will fulfill all your needs regarding this.